Miriam's Cup- Hand crafted

Miriam's Cup- Hand crafted

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No Seder table is complete without Miriam's Cup. This new ritual object that is placed on the seder table beside the Cup of Elijah.

Miriam's Cup is filled with water instead of wine and serves as a symbol of Miriam's Well, which was the source of water for the Israelite's in the desert.

Putting a Miriam's Cup on your table is a beautiful way of making your seder more inclusive. It's also a way of drawing attention to the importance of Miriam and the other women of the Exodus story, women who are sometimes overlooked. Miriam's Well is said to have been a magical source of water that followed the Israelite's for 40 years. The waters of this well were said to be healing and sustaining.

Miriam's Cup is completely and loving handcrafted in Pennsylvania from pewter and brass and measures 4.75" H x 2.25" W in each side.

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